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Monday, April 24, 2006

Austin, and Emily!!!! & Austin getting Jacket!

Wow, it's been a while since my last blog session!! I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging!!! :D

So, Saturday was opening day at the ballpark, and quite exhausting if I do say so myself! I did get a tad bit of sun though!!! YAY for me!! Austin got his 12 year old jacket this year, and I might add he was "VERY" excited about getting it!!! They also won their first game 10-0 against the team that was the first place team last year, so "YAY" for them!!! Austin actually got the "WINNING" 10th run in to make them quite in the 4th inning for the 10 run rule too!!! He did "AWESOME"!!!!! I am so proud of him!

On a side note I got so ticked off at the ballpark because of "RUDE" people!! So, most of you all know I used to babysat for my cousin Jeremy, for his daughter Emily. Well, she's 5 years old now, and is playing T-ball this year at "OUR" ballpark, out of all the parks in the town! Well, Jeremy came up and talked to us, when we went to talk to Aunt Debbie, and let her see Austin in his uniform. Which she made the comment don't start nothing, when we asked where Emily was. Seems her other grandpa was holding her (her Mom's step-dad). Which was the "LAST" thing on my mind to start trouble, I just wanted to see my girl Miss Emily!

Anyway, we didn't go say a word to her, and she didn't see us talking to Debbie, or Jeremy. Well, after the opening ceremony, we was standing talking and Austin seen Emily swinging, so he went and seen her. Which I watched out of the corner of my eye as Emily's grandma (her Mom's mom... No relation) was just staring Austin down. I was hoping for her sake she didn't say anything to him, which good thing for her she didn't! Or else it would have been on like donkey kong... hehehe just had to add some humor to the story.. Well, then Austin all excited came over telling me "MOM.... MOM... MOM I seen Emily!!!" Which he loves Emily so "MUCH", seems she was with us from the time she was about 6 weeks till she was almost 2 non-stop, then off and on while she was 2 and 3 yrs. old.

Back-up a little bit here....

We had her a LOT more than anyone else including her MOM, GRANDMA or anyone else! There would be times she would spend up to 3 days at a time with us. I mean it was like she lived there! It got to the point to where she would cry when she had to leave us. Which since she was with us so much all my family got to see her a lot (Grandma, Mom... etc.) which they wouldn't have if I wasn't babysitting her, because her Mom is a witch like that. But, Emily knows we love her, and we tell her everytime we see her! :D

Ok back to the ballpark!

Austin pretty much drug me over to where Emily was playing, and said "She's getting ready to come down the slide!" So, as she came down we made eye contact, and I said "Hey YOU!!!" which she ran over to me yelling my name, and pretty much jumped into my arms! I couldn't help, but to hug her!! I kept it really short and sweet told her I loved her, and how cute she looked in her uniform, and then went back over to where my in-laws were standing so I wouldn't cause a scene. Seems since I quite baby-sitting her we are "NOT" allowed to see her anymore. Long STORY!!
Well, Austin played with her for a few minutes, and then headed back over to where I was. Well, about that time here came Emily following him. So, we was talking to her, asking her how she like playing ball, and I asked her if I could take a picture for Granny (my grandma, and their great-grandma) in their uniforms together. Which she agreed!! :D Well, I took a picture and we was just visiting with her. Well, then a few minutes later here came her other grandma (her Mom's Mom) and she grabbed her by the wrist and said "EXCUSE ME" really hateful, and Emily started crying, and Austin looked like his heart was broke! :(
Well, that not only ticked me off, it really ticked my in-laws off, because they know the whole story, and they got attached to Emily too because she was always with us! So, my MIL (mother-in-law) sad don't worry about it Austin, and then my FIL (father-n-law) spoke up really "LOUD", and said "Who the hell does she think she is!!!" I just said let's go!!! I didn't want drama at the ballpark, and the kids were already really upset! So, we ended up leaving, and then I told my Mom what happened, and she of course told my aunt Debbie which is her sister, and who is Emily's grandma (my cousin Jeremy's Mom). She was "TICKED" too, and said that if we "EVER" want to see Emily to let her know, and that we are more than welcome to come to any of her games, and to just come and sit with her!
Ok... Whatever it's a public place, and my "SON" also plays there, and has for the last 4 years we'll go there "ANYTIME" we choose too, and no one is going to stop us! If she didn't want to see us at the ballpark then she shouldn't have brought Emily to the ballpark that she knew we was at, which isn't even near her house! Really Emily shouldn't even be playing at that park. Also, all the T-ball games are played on the Major League field... same field Austin has "ALL" his games on. So, we are bound to run into them often! Seems the t-ball games are always right before the major league games.

Anywho... that was our exciting day at the ball park!!!


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Nichole said...

Hey chicky, our miss Emmy is a doll baby!!!! I so miss that lil'girly! John & Cody miss her to I can't wait to show them her picture tomorrow, they are gonna freak on how big she has gotten! I am sorry you got treated like that. I know what you have been thru especially when I watched her there for awhile. It was nutz! But I am so glad you got to see her, please get more pictures if you can. I would love to see her playing!!!
CONGRATES AUSTIN! Hope you have fun this year!

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Anna said...

Grrr...see I would have had to start something at the ballpark over that. I think I would have had some words with the grandparents. You've got more control than I do.

Wanna go toilet paper their house?


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