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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Suck icky weather, for such a "special" holiday... :( It started off really "NICE", and "SUNNY"!! Then we got some yucky storms it was hailing, and there was a tornado spotted a few miles away. Now, we've got flash flood warnings out till tomorrow sometime.

It was alright though we had a good time visiting with family, and the kiddos had a ball doing their egg hunt. There really wasn't much compition for Austin, and he ended up getting the most eggs, so he was such a sweetie, and shared his with the younger kids!!! Isn't that so sweet!!! I have such a good boy!!! :D Then my niece (Abbie) had her own little hunt, and she was so funny, got so excited when she seen an egg, and she caught on quick, and was running, and getting them, and then putting them in her bag!

Oh, and I felt so sick afterwards... I ate "WAY" to much!!! It was so yummy though! We had a cook-out at my grandma's and they made hambugers & cheeseburgers/hotdogs/brats, homemade potato salad, taco salad, mac-n-cheese, (I made) deviled eggs, and then Mom made a banana split cake!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! Other than spending time with family, eating, and storms that's pretty much our whole day!! It was nice though I didn't have too cook!!

I do have a new want though!!!! hehehe I am going to try to get my doctor to refer me to a surgeon and see about having that Bariatric surgery done! I think I am enough over weight for them to do it, and our insurance to cover most of it. I am sick of being "FAT"!! :( Hubby said, he didn't think I'd be enough over weight, but with my height it says I am!! So, we'll see, hubby said he supports me in whatever it is I want to do, and if need be he'd take vacation time to take care of me!!! Although he said he "LOVES" me the way I am! Awwwww... but I don't love myself the way I am! So, I am gonna call the doctor, and see if they will refer me! My hubby thinks I have way to many "WANTS"!!! He still loves me though! :D


Happy EASTER to everyone who takes the time to read my boring blog!!!!


At 7:15 PM, Blogger Nichole said...

Hey chicky...I am having a problem uploading pics on my blogger, how did you do that? Chat on msn with me later please.

Glad you had so much fun on easter and sorry I missed your awesome mac & cheese! rofl...


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