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Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah, so I stink at keeping my blog up to date!!! So, sue me!! LOL I am sure that not many people actually come and read my boring posts anyway...


Here's a little update of what's been going on around here. Austin is on Spring Break this week, and we've not really done much of anything, seems he's still grounded for his grade. We did finally break down though, and let him stay the night with Nana (my Mom) last night, so he could watch Narnia, which he's been really wanting to see. I had planned on doing some Spring cleaning... HA HA HA I managed to deep clean the living room, and that's about as far as I got! I so need to do my "MOUNTAIN" of laundry though... :( ICK!!

Well, as far as the hubby goes we haven't been talking much about fostering, but I have it wrote on the calendar in permanent BLACK marker, so it won't be missed!!! :D Which he's already agree to go to the classes. So, we'll see what happens there. *crossing my fingers* Other than that we've been getting along extremely "WELL"!!!! :D :D :D :D

Oh, and on Wednesday I had a visitor all the way from Kansas!!! She was actually visiting with her parents, and since she was up this way they came to see me too!! Yep, that's right Jen, Kira, and Sparky came to visit! She's so sweet!!! I really wish she could move here, seems we seem to have lots in common! She loves Pomeranians, scrapbooks, and is great company! Did I mention that her daughter (Kira) is adorable, and I just loved Sparky, as well as my Pommie girls (Libby, & Kasha) they've been fighting over him since he left!! :D We had fun while she was here, or at least I hope she did!

During her visit we ended up taking the kiddos to McDonald's Play place, and meeting up with Anna, and some of her kiddos, all the kids had a blast playing, and we got to chat somewhat. Seems we was watching the kids, and stuffing our faces! hehehe Then Anna ditched us, seems she still wasn't feeling to good from getting over the ickies. Then we came back here, and visited for a little while, but didn't seem like it was long enough, seems the kids were taking most of our attention. Which was to be expected with a 2 yr old (Kira), and a 16 month old (my niece Abbie), and then of course my ds Austin. Which he was a little saint helping out so much!! He also really liked Jen, or so he said after she left. He kept saying how cute Kira was too!!! :D I think she's his new friend seems she left him ride up front in her van on the way to, and from McDonald's. hehehe

Other than that we've really not done anything exciting at all. Just been home bodies, and enjoyed not having to wake up at the crack of dawn, minus Wednesday when Abbie stayed the night, and woke up bright and early!! But, hey I got a little nap when I laid down with her to give her a nap!! :)

Now, as for baseball season... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!! I don't know "WHY" we went ahead and kept Austin on the same team he was on last year. We can "NOT" stand his manager/coach, nor can Austin. But he really wanted to be on the team with all his friends. So, we was hoping this year would be better seems it's not his first year in Majors, and he'd get to actually play more. Well, they had their first practice game the other day, and you will "NEVER" guess what that man had the nerve to do.... >:(

The team they was practicing against didn't have enough players.. Short "ONE", so they sent Austin over to help them out!!! UHHHHH Hello... Why not send one of the "NEW" kids over to help out?? That just kinda rubbed me the wrong way, seems normally when things like that happen, the coach will send over one of the kids that isn't too good, or like a sub. So, that was kinda like telling us that he really didn't care if he was on the team or not! Ok, so if that's the case "WHY" does he want to try to keep him another year?!?

You'd think if he thought he wasn't too good, then he'd just be glad that it was supposed to be his last year. But, seems the cut off date is Aug. 1st for Birthdays, and Austin will be 13 on Aug. 2nd he is "NOT" supposed to be able to play next year, but they are going to try to get it to where he can. Which I may just say "NOPE!!!!" unless this year gets a whole lot better!!! Seems their practice game last night he was subbed Austin an inning, and had him in fricking left field!! Which I think is a crock of crap, seems he tells Austin how "HE" wants him to play ball, instead of letting Austin do what he knows how to do, and it totally screws him up!

Like when he's up to bat Austin "NEVER" struck out, and also got a couple in the park home runs in minors, the way his daddy taught him to stand! Well, his coach makes him stand the way he wants him, and he strikes out every single time! Then if he tries to stand the way he knows how, and hits it, he gets yelled at! Which I don't think is fair! Which I have a chance to talk to Austin right before he bats, and I tell him stand like "YOU" know how to, he "ALWAYS" gets a good hit! But, if Donnie (his coach) is up there telling him to do this or that, it screws him up!

Oh did I mention too, that Donnie (his coach) has a very "BAD" temper with the kids as well, and I've "NEVER EVER" heard him praise any of the kids for doing something good!! Like example if they do a really good play, or something he will say something like well, you could have done this or that to make it better!!! Ugggh where is the encouragement? Then Lord how mercy if they mess up in the game at the end of the game he totally gripes them out!!! We times it one time last year, and he kept them kids in that dugout after the game for 40 minutes griping at them!

Oh, and on a side note, he's got a very "BAD" habit of using words that I don't think are appropriate! Like he told the kids he was "PISSED" off because of the way they was playing, and that they looked like the bad news bears!!! Then the kids were talking about how he told one of the kids he was being a dickhead!! I am sorry, but he would have made a comment to my "SON" like that I would have raised some fuss! We are just to the point right now, to where if Austin decides he doesn't want to play anymore, we are going to just let him quit. Seems he used to be "EXCITED" about going to get to play, and now he complains, and says he hates it! Even though he tells us he wants to go pro! I just hate to see one bad coach ruin his dream for him. KWIM?

Ok since I've griped enough now, I think I'll end the bloggin now!!!


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

Hey Stranger!!
Foster parenting-classes---Illinois one are BORING!!--LOL!!!!

At 1:56 AM, Blogger Nichole said...

Hey Girly,
Thought I would leave my mark and say hello on here!!!

At 2:37 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

I am so excited!!! WOOO HOOO I haven't heard of either of you in forever, and now lookie, you are both on my BLOG!!!! YAY!!!! Love You girls!!! :D :D :D


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