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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Awww, I feel so loved!! You all really do read my blog huh!!! :) :) :) Alright then, I'll blog, just not sure how often, or how much!

Here's a little update! I am moving "TOMORROW"!!! We are heading back over to the south side of Kokomo, closer to family! Also, a better location, that's closer to Chuck's work! Maybe now someone will actually come to visit me sometimes! Maybe!!

I am so not ready for this move though! I still have a million things I need to get done here, which is mainly laundry! I am a "BIG" slacker in that department! I've probably done 10 loads today, and all the clothes that's been stored in the garage (since we moved here) I finally went through them all, and there was clothes I don't even remember buying.. lol Wow, I feel like I've gotten a new wardrobe! Cool huh!! LOL

Anyway... Chuck is so silly, he thinks that by tomorrow night we are going to be staying in the new house!! I think "NOT"!! We don't even get the keys till 5:30, and then once we come back here and get a load of stuff, and unload it, it's going to start getting dark, and our beds aren't even ready to move for pete's sake! I am "NOT" sleeping on the dang floor! When I have a perfectly comfortable bed here!

Plus, I want to get a bunch of the smaller stuff moved, to get it out of the way to move the bigger stuff Saturday, when we have help, and the u-haul! I am not gonna try to kill myself all in one night! KWIM??

Anyway since I am gonna start blogging again, I am gonna go back, and delete some of the older stuff! I think I put to much info on my blog!! KWIM??

Anyway here's the update on my darling little boy!! He's still adorable of course!! *wink*Guess what!?! Baseball is "OVER"!! WOO HOO!! His team came in "FIRST" place at the park, and they got some nice big championship trophies... which he's mighty proud of! Plus, he was the #1 player in my book!! I didn't miss not one of his games, and he knows his Mama is his #1 fan!!
Can you all believe that in one month, and one day that my "BABY" is going to be a teenager???? *huge sigh* I don't want him to grow up, I want him to stay a little boy forever! They need to invent a new miracle drug to stop the growth of kids!! Adults to for that matter!! *hehehe*

Oh yeah... I just gotta mention that my new niece (Alyssa) will be making her grand appearance on September 25th, 2006 at approximately 7:30 am!!! I am so super excited!! I can hardly wait to get to see her, and hold her! I am also anxious to see how little Miss Abigal will do around her new baby sister! Seems she's told Nana (my Mom) "I don't want damn baby sisser"... *YIKES* They are gonna have their hands full for sure!!
I am sure though once the baby is here, and she sees the baby is staying she'll be all about having a baby sisser.. as she calls her!! :) She just has her days! Seems she will kiss my sister's belly, and tells everyone about the baby sisser!! LOL Plus, she's one of the few people that have actually got to fill her kick! I am not one of them lucky ones! :( My sister's babies don't like me till their out of there I guess... seems Abbie wouldn't ever let me feel her kicking either! Little stinker butt!!
I did feel like a horrible aunt today though, seems my Mommy brought me a fountain black raspberry sprite from my favorite place!!! :) Well, Abbie cried she wanted to stay with La-La.. :( :( :( I would have let her, but I just had so much stuff to get done here. I knew if she stayed nothing would get done, seems she's very high maintains! ;) But, I still love her to pieces! :D

Alright there.. I BLOGGED!!! I will try to update and blog when I can!! Hopefully my next blog will have some new pics of my new house too!!

Oh, and I am gonna leave you all with these adorable picture!! It's so my favorite right now!!

My babies!!!

Austin, & Kasha girl!!


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Anna said...

So are you completely moved in now?


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